Boston Braves F.C. hosted by Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena

Jul 26, 2018 by

Published in the July 25, 2018 edition.

MUNICH, Germany — The Boston Braves F.C. recently traveled to Munich, Germany where they competed against Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena. 

The Braves, founded by Lynnfield native Spiros Tourkakis in 2001, are a members only group of soccer players formed to promote the principles of friendship and camaraderie. The club members come from all over the world to engage in friendly competitions in domestic and international arenas. 

The mission of the club is to provide its members with the opportunity to participate in games against other Clubs, to bring together International Football Veteran players and to develop friendships while traveling. 

In that spirit, the Braves walked on to the famous Allianz pitch and played the German champion Bayern Munich to a 1-1 tie, supporting the Braves’ philosophy that “we can get better despite aging.”

Bayern was a great host to the Braves, showing them very warm hospitality and surpassing any expectation a guest team might have from a host of that caliber. 

The Braves have visited many places including Athens, England (Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool), Spain (Barecelona, Real Madrid), Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Italy (Juventus), Argenina, Wales and France. 

Next for the Braves, another historic first step: The islands of Azores and Madeira (Portugal) where they will be facing the teams of Santa Clara and Maritimo. 

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