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Published in the September 8, 2020 edition.

WAKEFIELD — The Wakefield Daily Item is starting the 59th annual football contest today. There were over $1,000 in prizes given out last season. There is a weekly prize for each winner over the 10 weeks run with a grand prize given out by the Daily Item at the end of the season to the weekly winner with the fewest losses in any of the weeks. 

If there is a tie for the Grand Prize then the winner will be determined by the weekly winner that was closest in score to the featured game of the week that they won. 

The Grand Prize will be awarded at the end of the 10 weeks that the contest runs. Weekly prizes will be handed out after each week along with a photo at the business that has the featured game in its weekly ad. 

The top 10 professional and college games are listed on the advertisements of the football pages along with an entry form. Fill out the entry form picking the winner for each contest and fill in the winner and the score of the featured game which is the tiebreaker. Each week, a prize will be awarded to the person who has the best record. 

The Football Contest games will be printed every Tuesday. This week, the picks are on pages 6 and 7. 

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, those participating in the football contest should refer to the sports section every Tuesday. There is a possibility that some weeks will be skipped depending on the schedule of games. 

Also in regards to the virus, college games will appear less in this year’s contest. There are typically equal college games and professional games featured but with so many colleges opting out of a season, NFL games will make up the majority of the contest. 

Entries can be mailed or brought to the football contest editor at the Wakefield Daily Item on 26 Albion St. before 3 p.m. this Friday, Sept. 11 which is the deadline for Week 1 entries. As always, a box will be available in the lobby to drop off your form.

All winners must be 14 years of age or older and must agree to have their photo appear in the Wakefield Daily Item in order to receive the prize. The list of rules eligibility and how to play are on page 6. 

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