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Published in the June 29, 2020 edition.

The following information was sent by Superintendent Doug Lyons to the Wakefield Public Schools community on Friday, June 26. 

WAKEFIELD — Governor Baker, Commissioner Riley, and members of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released the initial guidance for reopening schools and districts in the fall. This is a comprehensive document created thoughtfully with the goal of bringing as many students back to school safely, with safety requirements and protective equipment at all levels. The guidance also recognizes the importance of in-person learning and the academic, social, and emotional development of students.

The health and safety requirements include:

• Masks and/or face coverings will be required for students in grades 2 and above as well as for all adults. Mask breaks will be built into the day. All students will be required to wear coverings on school buses. Exceptions would be made for those for whom masks are not possible due to medical conditions, disability impact, or other health or safety factors.

• A continuation of physical distancing and hand hygiene.

• A continuation of cleaning high touch surfaces and disinfecting classrooms.

• Establishing a culture of health and safety where students and adults stay home from school if they are presenting with symptoms.

Over the coming days and weeks, school and district administrators will be working through the guidance document and developing three plans for return to school in the fall, which will need to be submitted to DESE in August. The requirement for the development of three plans will allow us to be prepared to change and adapt to whatever presents itself in the fall with COVID-19.

The first plan will detail a full return to in-person learning with safety precautions. The second plan will detail a hybrid model, which is part in-person and part remote learning from home. The third plan will detail an updated remote learning (Learn Anywhere) plan with greater opportunities for teachers and students to connect and provide feedback on student work. As our plans are developed, we will be working with school and district teams to address questions and challenges.

As State leaders update the initial guidance, we will be sure to share with the Wakefield Public Schools community. We will continue to work with town leaders, the Board of Health, as well as school and district teams to develop the three reopening plans. As part of this work, we will be distributing a family survey to collect some data to inform our plans.

We know that you will have many questions throughout the summer and as we share the reopening plans. We are committed to providing as much communication as possible throughout the process.

Thank you for your patience and on-going support.

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