‘The Little Mermaid’ is a big hit

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Standing ovation for cast and crew

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LYNNFIELD — The sound of cheers and applause filled the Lynnfield Middle School auditorium as the Lynnfield Community Schools concluded its final performance of “The Little Mermaid” Sunday afternoon.

Starting from auditions back in November 2017, director Becky Petrin and the cast and crew have been working tirelessly to put together a spectacular production.

SEBASTIAN (Michael Gravante) explains to Ariel (Aidan Briggs, center) and Flounder (Kiera Burns) how much better life can be “Under the Sea” in the Lynnfield Community Schools’ production of “The Little Mermaid.” (Jillian String Photo)

“It all comes together by the end,” Petrin said.

Everything came together very well, as the cast and crew generated excitement throughout the crowd from the first flash of the house lights until the final curtain call.

“The Little Mermaid” follows the journey of precocious mermaid Ariel, masterfully portrayed by Aidan Briggs, in her quest to be part of the human world. When her father, the strong and powerful King Triton (Alex Tanner), forbids her from having anything to do with humans, Ariel seeks the help of the beautifully wicked sea witch, Ursula (Margaret DiStefano), to win the heart of Prince Eric (Chris Collins). Ursula’s help comes with a heavy price, however, and it is up to Ariel to defeat Ursula and ensure her own happy ending.

The student performers, ranging from grades 2-12, were transformed into incredible sailors, chefs, gulls and sea creatures with the help of lighting designer Tyson Miller; hair and makeup leads Caroline Connolly and Anna Hardiman; the production crew of Joe Fabrizio, Matt Gunning, Eliza Koyle, Lydia Koyle, Dylan Pool, Malena Raslavicus, Nicole Trifnov, Taylor Tringale, Jen Briggs, Paul Briggs, Brenda Calamari, Jeff Carroll, Craig Danese, Paula Farese, Barry Gravante, Elaine Gravante, Jamie Hayman, Ben Koyle, Julie Mallett, Bob Miller, Nick Miller, Stacy Murray, Sue O’Connor, Todd Petrin, Joyce Speicher, Cindy Tanner, Elaine Tanner, Lisa Waxman and Bob Waxman; and the costume crew of Judy Boone, Jenn Briggs, Mary Desmond, Ann Dwyer, Susan Gray, Lauren Landry, Ann Miller, Lori Prickett, Cindy Tanner, Elaine Farese, Paula Farese, Julie Perrin and Lisa Waxman,

GRIMSBY (Ashton Tanner, left) and Prince Eric (Chris Collins) discuss the mysterious fathoms below the sea during the rehearsal for Lynnfield Community Schools’ production of “The Little Mermaid.” (Jillian String Photo)

Lead performers Briggs, Collins, DiStefano, and Tanner spearheaded the cast with their strong character development and powerful voices.

Comic relief was provided by Flounder (Kiera Burns), Scuttle (Ashley Schumacher), Sebastian (Michael Gravante), and Chef Louie (Rachel Fodera, who each had the audience roaring with laughter whenever they graced the stage.

The dastardly duo of Flotsam (Emme Speicher) and Jetsam (Maddie Daigle) wowed the crowd with their tight minor harmonies and ability to keep in a constant slithering motion.

Standout performances were given by Grimsby (Ashton Tanner), Pilot (Liam O’Connor), Winward (Maddie Mahan), Leeward (Maria Gravini), Aquata (Bella Carroll), Arista (Ava Zalvan), Atina (Rachel Fodera), Andrina (Kimberly Daniels), Alana (Bella Miranda), Adella (Hannah Fodera) and Maid (Courtney Cumming).

Rounding out the ensemble with their noteworthy performances were the gulls, princess ensemble, sailors, maids, chefs and sea creatures, many of whom mastered multiple roles for the show. Portraying the gulls were Katie Adamo, Emilie Bell, Katie Connelly, Ella Hayman, Allie Mack and Olivia McGrath. The princess ensemble was comprised of Katie Cash, Ella Feury, Kiera Mallett and Ava Remon. The sailors were portrayed by Katie Adamo, Emilie Bell, Merry Boone, Abraham Chehab, Katie Connelly, Courtney Cumming, Lucia Dias, Cristina Donovan, Ella Feury, Coleen Golden, Ella Hayman, Shea Killeen, Jonas Koyle, Allie Mack, James Mahan, Kiera Mallett, Luca Moretti, Erika Pasquale, Rachel Perrin, Jacob Petrin, Ava Remon and Brady Waxman.

Lucia Dias, Cristina Donovan and Olivia McGrath portrayed the maids and acting as chefs were Katie Adamo, Emilie Bell, Merry Boone, Katie Connelly, Coleen Golden, Maria Gravini, Ella Hayman, Shea Killeen, Allie Mack, Maddie Mahan, Kiera Mallett, Liam O’Connor, Erika Pasquale, Ava Remon and Brady Waxman.

Portraying the colorful sea creatures were Katie Adamo, Emilie Bell, Merry Boone, Lydia Buonopane, Marissa Calamari, Sabrina Capachietti, Katie Cash, Abraham Chehab, Grace Childress, Katie Connelly, Ava Cook, Courtney Cumming, Sydney Danese, Lucia Dias, Mallory DiSilvio, Hannah Doherty, Cristina Donovan, Cassandra Dorman, Annabelle Eckhardt, Lorelie Eckhardt, Ella Feury, Gia Gagnon, Meghan Geary, Gabriella Giannasca, Coleen Golden, Ellie Grieves, Abby Harris, Ella Hayman, Sabrina Hayman, Olivia Hurton, Valentina Ingianni, Amelia Jalali, Laila Karis, Shea Killeen, Emrys Klee, Jonas Koyle, Sonia Kumar, Tess Lanza, Talya Levy, Allie Mack, James Mahan, Kiera Mallett, Lyla McCormick, Olivia McGrath, Katie McGuinness, Sarah Mitchell, Elliana Moretti, Luca Moretti, Lorna Murray, Giuliana Nastari, Liam O’Connor, Erika Pasquale, Rachel Perrin, Meghan Petrin, Jacob Petrin, Anna Raslavicus, Ava Remon, Charlotte Rose, Madison Sloan, Brady Waxman and Lily Xavier.

At the conclusion of the performance, the cast honored director Petrin, musical director Bryna Tabasky, choreographer Jessica Gordon, production assistants Janet Frederickson, Sally Hatch and Linda Janus, as well as members of the senior class who will be moving on after this year.

For more information regarding theater programs with Lynnfield Community Schools, visit lynnfield.k12.ma.us/lynnfield-community-schools.

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