Charles Wainwright hits new heights with ‘Four Weeks and Counting’

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Published February 12, 2020


LYNNFIELD — Lynnfield High School sophomore Charles Wainwright’s love of theater took him to new heights last weekend.

Wainwright wrote the script for Lynnfield Middle School’s acclaimed musical “Four Weeks and Counting.”

“The musical is about the rehearsal process for a performance of ‘Oliver!’ and the struggles to get the show ready in four weeks, hence the name,” said Wainwright. “It is filled with many notable Broadway songs, and a bunch of interesting characters.”

Wainwright got involved with the project after learning that LMS was going to produce an original musical this year.


“I had volunteered to help with the middle school musical after finding out that they were planning on writing an original show this year,” said Wainwright. “I thought it would be a good experience. So I came to the rehearsals for the first week and they began to plot the songs of the show along with discussing plot details. After a woman named ME Macri came in to discuss the plot with the cast, I gave suggestions on how to construct a story from the cast’s suggestion. She then told the director, Becky Petrin, that I was capable of writing the script on my own, so I did.”

In addition to writing “Four Weeks and Counting,” Wainwright starred as Eugene Felsnic in Lynnfield High’s production of “Grease” last November.

“‘Grease’ was a terrific rehearsal process, and the cast was one of the most committed to making sure the final product was as good as it could possibly be,” said Wainwright. “I had a great time playing Eugene, and ‘Grease’ was one of my best experiences in the theater program.”

Wainwright said he got involved with the school system’s theater program after he and his family moved to town.

“I started my journey in the theater program in the fourth grade, which was the year we moved to Lynnfield, with the performance of ‘The Jungle Book,’ which was directed by Joey Puleo,” said Wainwright. “After that, I have been involved in as many as four different performances in the school system a year. I have gained a great deal of respect for everyone who helps put on the wonderful shows.”

With “Four Weeks and Counting” now in the rearview mirror, Wainwright will be shifting gears and will serve as a crew member for Theatre East’s production of “Brilliant Traces.” The book, written by Cindy Lou Johnson, is about a man and a woman who are trapped in a snowbound cabin in Alaska.

“I am planning on doing the lighting for the Theatre East production of ‘Brilliant Traces,’ which will have a public performance at Lynnfield High School on Thursday, Feb. 27, beginning at 8 p.m. in the auditorium,” said Wainwright.

Charles’ two siblings are also involved with the school district’s theater programs. His younger sister, Veronica, starred as the assistant director in “Four Weeks and Counting.” His older brother, Greyson, will be starring in Theatre East’s upcoming production of “Brilliant Traces.”

“Veronica’s in eighth grade and is very much involved in the theater programs,” said Shay Wainwright, who is the three actors’ very proud mom. “She’ll be performing as Lurch in Mr. Puleo’s upcoming production of ‘The Addams Family,’ and is a member of the Pioneer Singers at LMS. Greyson is a senior and has been doing shows in Lynnfield starting with ‘Honk!’ at the middle school when he was in sixth grade. This year, he was crew chief for ‘Grease’ and was in charge of building the sets. He will play the lead role of Henry Harry in ‘Brilliant Traces.’ He will be building the set for that show as well.”

Wainwright said being involved with the theater program is incredibly rewarding.

“The theater program is freeing, and there are a lot of great people involved who help make the experience fun,” said Wainwright. “I am planning on being an actor for my future job, and I have been since I was 3-years-old.”

In addition to wearing a variety of different hats in the school system’s theater program, Wainwright is also involved with the high school’s band and chorus programs. He is a member of the LHS boys’ tennis team as well.

Wainwright encouraged residents to come out and support the district’s plays and musicals.

“The school system puts on a fair amount of musicals and plays during the school year,” said Wainwright. “Everyone should feel encouraged to come see them.”

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