Residents, others get busted for a great cause

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LYNNFIELD — Getting arrested never felt so good.

Lynnfield Rotary hosted its second annual Jail and Bail fundraiser at MarketStreet Lynnfield on May 3. The event raised funds in support of the Reid’s Ride bike-a-thon.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Lorraine Sacco. “It brings the whole town of Lynnfield together. There is nothing like bringing community, and the town of Lynnfield especially, together because the heart of Reid’s Ride beats here.”

Rotary Club member Paula Parziale agreed.

“It’s a great event,” said Parziale. “It was a beautiful day to connect with the community in the fight against adolescent and young adult cancers.”

Jail and Bail allowed townspeople to purchase arrest warrants for family, friends, neighbors and local officials. In addition to purchasing arrest warrants, people could purchase immunity cards in order to stay out of jail.

LYNNFIELD ROTARY hosted its second annual Jail and Bail fundraiser at MarketStreet Lynnfield on May 3. The proceeds raised were donated to Reid’s Ride. Front row, from left, Patti Nardone, Dave Drislane, Tom Adamczyk and Paula Parziale. Back row, from left, Victor Saldanha, Tes Mercedat, Dick Simmons, Jana Kaplan, Selectmen Chairman Dick Dalton, Bob MacKendrick and Ron Block. (Dan Tomasello Photo)

Arrestees were arraigned by two different judges on the MarketStreet Green. Rotarian Tom Adamczyk served as the judge for the first half of the event before being replaced by Town Moderator Arthur Bourque.

Selectmen Chairman Dick Dalton, former Selectmen Bob MacKendrick and Dave Drislane, Parziale, and fellow Rotarians Dr. Victor Saldanha, Dick Simmons, Jana Kaplan, Ron Block, Tes Mercedat and Patti Nardone assisted Adamczyk and Bourque with the court proceedings. The two judges set bail amounts commensurate with the gravity and creativity of the crime people were charged with committing.

Arrestees had their picture taken by photographers Lauri and Ariel Priestley in front of a Green Screen depicting a jail cell.

A number of local officials were arrested including Dalton, Selectman Phil Crawford, School Committeeman Rich Sjoberg and MarketStreet Advisory Committee Chairwoman Jen Bayer. Superintendent Jane Tremblay was arrested twice at the event.

Dalton said he enjoyed getting arrested.

“It’s a great event where we raise money for a good cause,” said Dalton. “It’s also a very fun event where people can get together and have a few laughs.”

Crawford concurred with Dalton’s sentiment.

“It’s a great program put on by Rotary and it’s a great event for the town,” said Crawford. “I was more than happy to support the Reid’s Ride foundation. I would like to Paul Parziale for organizing it.”

Tremblay agreed.

“Reid’s Ride is a great cause and it was great to get arrested twice while supporting it,” said Tremblay.

Parziale thanked all of the people who were arrested for being good sports.

“We had a lot of good arrests,” said Parziale. “Everybody who was arrested has been a great contributor and supporter of Rotary and/or Reid’s Ride.”

While Parziale noted Breen “bought an immunity card because it’s a conflict of interest to arrest the chief,” he did place his wife Robin under arrest for the second straight year.

“(Breen) does it for Reid’s Ride,” said Parziale.

In addition to local officials getting thrown in jail, a number of prominent residents were arrested such as local realtor Ellen Crawford as well as MarketStreet employees. Additionally, Reid’s brother, Dr. Weston Sacco, came back to his hometown after working an overnight shift in order to get arrested.

Parziale said it was a lot of fun placing people under arrest at Jail and Bail.

“It’s the best arresting the officials, but it’s even better arresting your friends because we can squeeze their pocketbooks easier,” joked Parziale.

While the Jail and Bail fundraiser was taking place, a Lynnfield High School-based band called Red Guard performed classic rock cover songs on the MarketStreet Green. The band consisted of singer Colin Lamusta, guitarist/harmonica player Anthony Adario, bassist Andrew Bond, keyboardist Ryan Miller, trumpet/trombone player Anthony Wilkinson, saxophonist Dylan Pool and drummer Chris Deschenes.

“Thank you to the talented musicians of the band Red Guard for entertaining all those who stopped by to enjoy the festivities,” said Parziale.

Parziale said Breen approached the Rotary Club about hosting the fundraiser a couple of years ago.

“When Reid’s Ride held a thank you reception for all the major sponsors, we had a conversation with Chief Breen about what a great fundraiser the Jail and Bail would be,” said Parziale. “With the Rotary Club trying to get their yearly donation over $10,000, we decided a Jail and Bail fundraiser would be a good way to support Reid’s Ride. We put the whole thing together with MarketStreet, Mrs. Sacco, Chief Breen and the high school.”

Sacco thanked high school teacher Steve Smith and a group of students for building the jail cell used for the fundraiser. She thanked the Rotary Club for holding the second annual Jail and Bail fundraiser once again.

“I think Jail and Bail exemplifies Rotary,” said Sacco. “Rotary not only gives to causes, but they give back to the community. Even though we are here collecting and arresting, they are giving back to the community and they are bringing the community together. That is what they do. They are sitting here and are having a ball while giving their time to this community, and I can’t thank them enough for that. I would especially like to thank Paula Parziale for creating and leading Jail and Bail. She definitely deserves recognition.”

Dalton thanked Rotary and the Sacco family for hosting the fundraiser.

“I would like to thank the Rotarians for all they do in supporting this event and the Sacco family for all they do,” said Dalton. “It’s something the town can be proud of.”

Sacco also thanked the event’s sponsors including MarketStreet, Capital One Café, Kings and Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse.

“Davio’s is the premier sponsor for Reid’s Ride,” said Sacco. “I would like to personally thank Davio’s and (owner) Steve DiFillippo.”

Sacco thanked family and friends for supporting the second annual fundraiser as well.

“This event wouldn’t happen without family and friends,” said Sacco.

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