First responders honored as 9/11 remembered

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Published in the September 13, 2017 edition By DAN TOMASELLO LYNNFIELD — On Monday, over 200 residents gathered on the Town Common to mark the 16th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as well as to pay tribute to the town’s first responders during the second annual First Responders Day. Rotary Club Board of Directors member Jason Kimball, who organized the event once again, served as the master of ceremonies during First Responders Day. He said the event serves as a tribute to first responders. “In the wake of the two hurricanes with the great things first responders have done recently, it’s great we are back here doing this event again,” said Kimball. “It’s also a day to reflect and memorialize the tragedy that occurred on 9/11.” After a moment of silence in honor of the 2,996 people who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001, Kimball thanked the town for funding First Responders Day. “Last year, the Rotary Club put this together and raised a lot of money to pay for the barbecue and DJ services,” said Kimball. “This year, the town of Lynnfield by way of our three selectmen and town administrator were able to come up with funds to support this event that way our kind sponsors can raise money for our Police and Fire departments.” After Kimball thanked the event’s sponsors and the town, Fire Chaplain Rev. Robert Bacon of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church gave the invocation. Fire chief remarks Kimball introduced Fire Chief Mark Tetreault after Rev. Bacon gave the invocation. Tetreault said Sept. 11, 2001 is a “day we will never forget.” “But here we are 16 years later, our memories have begun to fade and we have a new generation who was not even born on 9/11,” said Tetreault. “And the children of the many first responders that responded 9/11 have followed in their parents’ footsteps and are now firefighters and police officers.” Tetreault said, “Unfortunately, the death toll from 9/11 continues to rise as rescuers who worked the days after 9/11 have succumbed to occupational cancers and chronic respiratory problems.” “No firefighter looks at himself as a hero,” said Tetreault. “We accept the inherent risk of the job. When we respond to a fire, no one truly believes this will be their last alarm. September 11 was different. Every firefighter who entered those towers knew there was a very real possibility that this would be their last alarm, and even knowing this, they went up those stairwells anyway.” While Tetreault said America “experienced the worst of humanity” on Sept. 11, 2001, he also said the U.S. “experienced the best.” “We had countless volunteers who put their life on hold to respond to New York City to do what they could, including Lynnfield firefighters,” said Tetreault. Tetreault said the first responders who answered the call on Sept. 11 put aside their differences to come together as Americans. “We have to remember the lessons learned from 9/11,” said Tetreault. “We have to remember the bad things that happened to prevent them from ever happening again, but we also have to remember how we all came together on 9/11. We shared our grief, we helped one another and we all recognized there was something in this world bigger than ourselves.” After Tetreault...

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Suspects sought in Brook Dr. home invasion

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Published in the September 13, 2017 edition LYNNFIELD — A search is underway for two men suspected of committing a home invasion at 34 Brook Dr. on Friday, Sept. 8. In an interview with the Villager, Police Chief David Breen said the home invasion took place at 1:54 p.m. Breen said the victim was near his car in the home’s driveway when he was approached by two Asian men. He said the two suspects spoke Vietnamese and the victim also spoke Vietnamese. Breen said one of the suspects allegedly brandished a gun at the victim. He said the suspects brought the victim inside and bound his hands inside of the home’s bathroom. “They took money and other items of value,” said Breen. Breen said the victim was able to break free and called police. He said the suspects fled the scene in a brown Honda. “It doesn’t appear to be a random act,” said Breen. Breen said the two men were not apprehended when the Villager went to press on Tuesday morning. He said, “Lynnfield police are working to acquire video evidence of the...

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Gold Star street signs proposed

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Published in the September 13, 2017 edition By DAN TOMASELLO LYNNFIELD — Local officials are looking to create new street signs that will pay tribute to Lynnfield veterans who gave their lives while fighting for the United States. The Board of Selectmen recently discussed a proposal to create signs that would recognize Lynnfield veterans killed in action and have town streets named in their honor. Selectmen Chairman Chris Barrett said Todd Lane resident Louis Trapasso first approached the town about the proposal about a year ago. Barrett noted Todd Lane is named “in honor of two American heroes who gave their lives for Lynnfield in World War II.” “They were brothers,” said Barrett. In an interview with the Villager, Barrett said Trapasso has been making sure American flags are located on the Todd Lane street sign as part of an effort to recognize David and Charles Todd and their heroism. “Mr. Trapasso has been maintaining the street sign by making sure there are American flags on it in order to honor the Todd family and the two brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States,” said Barrett. Barrett said during a recent selectmen’s meeting he “always noticed there were flags on the street sign.” “I thought it was possibly from the town,” said Barrett. “But I learned Mr. Trapasso put those flags there to bring great honor to those individuals.” Veterans Services Agent Bruce Siegel agreed. “Lou has been putting the flags out every year to commemorate those two brothers who passed way during World War II,” said Siegel. Barrett told the Villager Trapasso sent a letter to the town about creating a unique sign to serve as a “permanent remembrance for the Todd brothers.” After learning about the proposal, Barrett suggested creating and erecting Gold Star street signs that would pay tribute to fallen service members. He noted Everett has implemented a similar program. In addition to Todd Lane, Barrett said similar signs would be installed on Townsend Road, Jordan Road and possibly other streets that are named after local heroes killed in combat. “These Gold Star street signs would honor all of these service members who have given their lives for our great country,” said Barrett. Trapasso told the selectmen he has lived on Todd Lane since the Blizzard of 1978, and said the town’s veterans association previously placed the flags on the sign before he started doing it. “It’s become part of my DNA,” said Trapasso. Trapasso noted the Todd brothers died five months apart during World War II. He has been thinking about the proposal for several years. “In other towns like Everett or Winthrop where I grew up, you see markers or plaques on a post by itself or on a street sign indicating those individuals who gave up their lives for the betterment of us,” said Trapasso. Trapasso said he reached out to Siegel to see if “we could put something together.” While conducting research on the project, Trapasso said he and Siegel were able to locate a grandson of one of the Todd brothers. “The family is okay with putting up a marker,” said Trapasso. Trapasso said the sign plan would be a good way to “recognize these Gold Star individuals.” “It will be nice to have it down by...

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Experienced girls’ soccer stung by Hornets

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Published in the September 13, 2017 edition By DAN TOMASELLO LYNNFIELD — The girls’ soccer team has returned to the field and is looking to make some noise in the Cape Ann League this fall. The Pioneers concluded the 2016 season with a 10-7-2 record. Lynnfield qualified for the Division 3 North state tournament, but the eighth seeded Pioneers fell 3-2 to ninth seed Stoneham in overtime during the first round of the tournament. With a strong nucleus featuring 14 seniors returning to the fold, Pioneers head coach Mark Vermont has high hopes for the upcoming season. “I am excited,” said Vermont. “We have had two weeks of practice and the preseason. The kids have worked really hard and are ready to go.” Four senior captains will be leading the Pioneers this fall, including defender Sydney Santosuosso. “Sydney is a very intelligent player,” said Vermont. “She is strong with the ball on her foot and in the air. We are asking her to play defense because we have had some injuries. I know playing defense isn’t her first choice, but she is willing to do it in order to help the team. She is doing a nice job.” Senior captain Liz Shaievitz will be playing forward for the Pioneers once again. “Liz is very smart, very fast and has good field awareness,” said Vermont. “We are looking for her to score goals.” Senior captain Kate Mitchell will be playing forward and outside midfield this season. “Kate is a very intelligent player who is very fast,” said Vermont. “She is skilled on the ball and is dangerous on free kicks.” Senior captain Hannah Filipe will help anchor the locals’ backline. “Hannah is a very strong player who is not afraid of anything,” said Vermont. “She really sets the tone in the back.” Senior forward Grace Sperling will be starting at forward for the Pioneers this fall. “Grace is a fast and aggressive player who will give everything she has for the team,” said Vermont. Senior Juliana Passatempo will serve as one of the Pioneers’ defensive specialists. “Juliana’s speed and agility combined is probably the best on the team,” said Vermont. “She is lightning fast on the defense.” Senior Mackenzie O’Neill will be starting in net once again for the Pioneers. “Mackenzie does a nice job controlling the box and she uses her height to win the high balls,” said Vermont. “She has a great attitude and is a field captain because she takes a leadership role on the team.” Vermont said senior Olivia Montanile’s defensive tenacity will be an asset to the Pioneers this fall. “Olivia is a strong and intelligent player who will not allow herself to get beat,” said Vermont. “And if she does, Olivia has the determination to get the ball back.” Olivia’s twin sister, Christina, is currently injured and Vermont hopes she will be back in the line-up soon. Similar to Olivia, Christina will be playing defense once she returns from injury. “Christina is tremendously fast and understands the game,” said Vermont. “She will do whatever she can to win the ball.” Seniors Mia Ford, Maddie Gibbons, Olivia Smyrnios, Brie Giammarco and Christina Benvenuto round out the Pioneers’ core. “As a group, they have had an excellent preseason,” said Vermont. “They have had a great attitude...

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X-country teams ‘cautiously optimistic’ about season

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Published in the September 13, 2017 edition By DAN TOMASELLO LYNNFIELD — The cross country teams have returned to the trail and are looking to take a step forward this season. The boys’ team concluded the 2016 Cape Ann League season with an 0-10 record. The girls’ team concluded last season with a 2-8 record. Both teams have a number of returning runners as well as promising newcomers this fall, which makes Pioneers head coach Joe DiBiase hopeful about the season. “We are cautiously optimistic we will be more successful,” said DiBiase. “Our top runners appear healthy and have worked hard this summer. Both teams are deeper and larger than in years past. There are over 30 kids on each team.” Girls’ team Two captains will be leading the girls’ team this fall, including senior Eliza Brooks. “Eliza is a four-year runner,” said DiBiase. “She has a wonderful personality and is a great leader. She sat out of the (Sept. 8) Masco meet due to a foot injury we are monitoring carefully. She is a good hard worker.” Junior Annie Olsen is the girls’ team’s other captain. “Annie worked hard this summer in Fernando Braz’s wonderful Going the Distance running program,” said DiBiase. “It really shows that her hard work is paying off. Like Eliza, Annie is a cheerful and upbeat person. She is a great leader and a very hard worker.” DiBiase said Brie Passatempo will be one of the girls’ team’s key runners this fall. He noted she finished third during the locals’ first meet against Masco. “Brie took her summer running very seriously,” said DiBiase. “She also worked hard with Fernando. She has a quiet personality and lets her running do the talking. She’s a tough competitor.” DiBiase has high expectations for sophomore Elizabeth St Andre this season. “Elizabeth is a good runner who is just scratching the surface of her ability,” said DiBiase. “She looks very strong so far.” DiBiase said sophomore Cass Shone is a “good teammate who has lots of talent.” “She is getting faster each week,” said DiBiase. Newcomers Lucy Madden, Kiera Rothwell and Sarah Deschenes round out the Pioneers’ core. “All three came aboard this year and give us much needed depth and team spirit,” said DiBiase. “All three new runners are off to a good start and should get better and better.” DiBiase said the girls’ team “looks pretty solid” this season. “They seem to have great team spirit and camaraderie,” said DiBiase. “Our top five runners look good as long as we can remain healthy. The captains set a good tone at the start of practice. We have 12 new runners who are either freshmen or upperclassmen.” Boys’ team Two captains will be leading the boys’ team this season, including senior Ryan Iapicca. DiBiase said Iapicca is “one of the top runners in the league” who “sets the pace and tone of the workouts.” “Ryan is a solid four-year and three season runner,” said DiBiase. “He is coming off a strong summer training workout program. He should be a CAL All-Star this year as he has paid his dues. He is a quiet leader who was our top Lynnfield finisher in our meet against Masco.” Senior Zack Shone is the Pioneers’ other captain. “Zack has been one of our...

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LHS boys’ soccer ready for 2017

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Published in the September 13, 2017 edition By STEPHEN MARTELLUCCI LYNNFIELD — Brent Munroe is back for his 17th-season as head coach of the Lynnfield High boys soccer team. Last fall, the Pioneers went 10-7-2 overall as they lost to Austin Prep, 1-0, in the first round of the Division 3 North state tournament. Ten seniors from that squad graduated but Munroe welcomes back 13 veterans including five starters this year. Three of those starters are this year’s captains. Matt Ricciardi is the senior captain and it is the second year the defender is a captain. The two junior captains are Nathan Bass and John Luders. Bass was a Cape Ann League All-Star last year and he is a midfielder while Luders is also a midfielder. Junior Jack Campbell and David Gentile are the two other starters back. Campbell is a goal keeper while Gentile is a defenseman. Munroe was pleased with what he saw from his team in the pre-season. “We have some good, experienced players back and they played really well,” said Munroe. “We are going to score a lot more than we did last year.” Things got off to a great start for the team last Friday afternoon as they beat North Reading, 3-1, at home on Opening Day. “We scored early and had a lot of good opportunities,” said Munroe, whose team led, 2-1, at halftime. Tom Hauser scored the game’s first goal but the Hornets tied it up several minutes later. With less than six minutes left in the first half, Luders scored the eventual game-winning goal assisted by Alejandro Lynch. Hauser, a sophomore midfielder, then recorded his second tally of the game late in the second half. To close the door. Campbell made eight saves in net. “He played very well in that second half,” pointed out Munroe. The next game for the Pioneers is Thursday as they visit Rockport at 6:30 p.m. Next Monday afternoon at 3:45, the Pioneers host...

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William Wilkinson, 89

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Former Navy pilot worked for American Airlines Published in the September 13, 2017 edition PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — William A. Wilkinson, 89, died peacefully with family on August 29, 2017. Bill was born in Winchester on May 11, 1928 to Walter Edward and Leslie Payzant Wilkinson of Lynnfield. As a youth, Bill was both a member of the Boy Scouts of America and Civil Air Patrol. Captivated by flying from an early age, and in preparation for a Naval career, Bill graduated from Severen School in Severna Park Maryland in 1946, and joined the United States Navy through the Holloway Plan. This program allowed him to fly sooner and included two years of undergraduate education at Yale University, followed by two years of flight training in Pensacola, Florida, where he qualified as a fighter pilot and earned his Navy wings and commission. Shortly after this, Bill married the love of his life, Mary F. Heywood, of Severna Park, Maryland in 1950. Six weeks later, Bill received orders to report to fighter squadron VF 32 aboard the USS Leyte in Norfolk, Virginia flying the F-4U Corsair. With VF 32, Bill flew multiple combat missions during the Korean War. His squadron mates became part of his extended family, and their wartime experiences created a brotherhood that lasted a lifetime. After concluding his service in the Navy, Bill joined American Airlines and flew domestic and international flights for 35 years. His career culminated as an American Airlines captain flying 747s to Paris and Tokyo. Bill and Mary had three children and while the children were still young, they discovered sailing. This became a true passion for Bill and from their first nine-foot sailboat, a family legacy of time on the water began. Their cruising grounds included: Halifax, Nova Scotia; the Brador Lakes in Canada; the New England coast; the Caribbean and Bahamas, and along the Florida coast. After he retired, Bill spent many wonderful days sailing with good friends and family in Northeast Harbor, Maine and Punta Gorda, Florida. Sailing with Bill was always an adventure for the family. He enjoyed racing and never tired of designing ways to go faster. His family and friends know him as a humble yet accomplished captain and navigator. He was a charter member of the Bernt Store Presbyterian Church and a member of the Isles Yacht Club. He also enjoyed volunteering for the Military Heritage Museum, Punta Gorda, Florida. Bill was proceeded in death by his daughter Susan A. Dudman, and granddaughter Bethany L. Dudman. He is survived by his children and their spouses: Linda C. (David) DiSesa of Madeira Beach, Florida; and Robert H. (Nancy) Wilkinson of Mechanicsville, Virginia. He is also survived by his grandchildren: Kara E. Dudman (Dylan Reno), Burlington, Vermont; William A. Wilkinson, McLean, Virginia; and Emma I. Wilkinson, Mechanicsville, Virginia. He is also survived by his siblings: Richard W. Wilkinson and Beatrice, North Fort Myers; and Jacquelyn W. (Charles) Crawford (deceased). A Celebration of Life was held for Bill at the Burnt Store Presbyterian Church, Punta Gorda, FL on Tuesday September 12. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the American Cancer Society, 992 Tamiami Trail Unit C2, Port Charlotte, FL...

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James Vangelder, 62

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Former Lynnfield firefighter worked for GE Published in the September 13, 2017 edition LYNNFIELD — James Vangelder, 62, of Lynnfield passed on September 4, 2017 surrounded by loving family. Born in Melrose on August 8, 1955 to John and Irene Vangelder, Jim attended Lynnfield Public Schools, where he pitched for the high school baseball team. He enjoyed participating in the Order of DeMolay and he was proudly named a Master Councilor of the Lynnfield Chapter. He also attended North Shore Community College. Jim enjoyed 34 years of employment with General Electric alongside his friends and coworkers and also was a proud firefighter for the town of Lynnfield for 15 years. Jim was most at home in nature and truly enjoyed going for walks, camping and most of all fishing. He loved to go on adventure trips to nowhere and cruising to paradise. He also enjoyed golf and riding his motorcycle. He loved all animals, but will be especially missed by his dog Shadow. Jim will be remembered for his great sense of humor, his sense of adventure and most of all, his unwavering love for his family. Jim is survived by his wife of 38 years, Barbara. His daughter Lindsay Nickel, her husband Jeffrey and their son Thomas from Leominster also survive him. His son Jay Vangelder and his two children, Tyler and Lila, of Beverly, also survive him. His siblings include Jeanne Amero and John Vangelder, both of New Hampshire. Jim was fortunate as a child to be sponsored to attend the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp. This fostered his love and respect of nature. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp, P.O. Box 306, Northborough, MA 01532. Memorial contributions will fund a scholarship for a young person from anywhere in the state to experience the camp that had such a great and lasting impact on Jim’s life. Please include the memo “James Vangelder Student Scholarship.” Services are private. Arrangements are in the care of the McDonald Funeral Home,...

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Chesley Vail, 87

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Former Korean War veteran worked for EPA Published in the August 30, 2017 edition LYNNFIELD — Chesley “Chet” Vail, 87, of Lynnfield, died Tuesday, August 22 at the Sutton Hill Center in North Andover. Born in Somerville on April 12, 1930, he was the son of the late Alexander C. and Alice C. (Gillingham) Vail. Chet was raised in Somerville and was a graduate of Somerville High School. He then went on to Burdett Business School. He had worked in the banking industry for many years before becoming an analyst for the EPA. Chet served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He was a member of the Aleppo Shriners and was a Mason at St. John’s Boston as well as the Lynnfield-Zetland Lodge. Chet was the beloved husband of the late Mary T. (Mannion) Vail. He was the loving father of Fiona Mulcahy and her husband Ed of Bradford; and Karena Brenda Donnelly and her husband Marc of North Andover. She is also survived by six grandchildren: Bryan, Sean, Colin, Brendan, Keira and Kyle. Chet and Mary both shared a love to travel and a passion for Irish music. Chet was also a dedicated Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox fan. His Funeral Service was held in the McDonald Funeral Home, 19 Yale Ave., Wakefield on Friday, August 25. Visitation for relatives and friends was held at the funeral home prior to the service. Interment took place at Puritan Lawn Memorial Park in Peabody. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, c/o Donation Processing, P.O. Box 5014, Hagerstown, MD...

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