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Published in the July 5, 2018 edition

MELROSE — Administrators anticipate about 100 more students in the public schools this coming year.

In June, there were 3,918 kids being educated in Melrose’s schools. Projections call for 4,018 to attend classes in 2018-19.

Just about every building except the Franklin Early Childhood Center will have more students.

If predictions hold, 297 children will head to the Hoover School, up 30 students from the year just ended. There will be 66 kindergarteners spread over three classrooms, 61 first graders, 45 second graders, 44 third graders, 42 fourth graders and 39 fifth graders. In June, there were 56 Hoover kindergarteners, 43 first graders, 41 second graders, 41 third graders, 38 fourth graders and 48 fifth graders.

At the Horace Mann School, administrators project 48 kindergarteners when the new year begins, down one from 2017-18; 49 first graders, up one from the year just ended; 49 second graders, up from 43; 45 third graders, down from 46; 48 fourth graders, up from 42, and 42 fifth graders, down from 48.

At the Lincoln School, there will be 66 kindergarteners over three classes, same as in 2017-18; 68 first graders, down from 79; 80 second graders, down from 82; 85 third graders, well up from 69; 69 fourth graders, up from 65, and 65 fifth graders, up from 56 this past year.

The Roosevelt will also have 66 kindergarteners over three classes, up one from this past year; 68 first graders, down from 89; 90 second graders, up from 84; 86 third graders, down from 67; 68 fourth graders, up from 62, and 62 fifth graders, down from 68.

There will be 66 kindergarteners spread over three classrooms at the Winthrop School, down from 85 in the year just finished; 88 first graders, up from 67; 68 second graders, down from 69; 70 third graders, up from 63; 66 fourth graders, up from 63, and 65 fifth graders, up from 59.

There is projected to be 804 students at the Veterans Memorial Middle School in the 2018-19 academic year, up from 790 in the year recently concluded, and 1,017 high schoolers, up from 1,002.

At the Early Childhood Center at the Franklin School, there is projected to be 298 kids, up from 325 who attended the facility in 2017-18.

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