‘In This Together 01864’ launched in response to pandemic

Mar 19, 2020 by

Published March 19, 2020

NORTH READING — Volunteers in North Reading are banding together to mobilize those who wish to help in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, even as our level of need in North Reading is not yet known.

To support the North Reading Senior Center, Food Pantry, Youth Services and Veterans’ Affairs, a task force of volunteers, including Kristine Pecora, Kim Manzelli, Dan Greenberg and Katherine McCabe Scott from the Council on Aging, Marci Bailey, and Rev. Rachel Fisher from the Aldersgate Church, have come together to centralize efforts to engage volunteers and connect them with local need as it arises. This effort is called “In This Together 01864.”

The group sees opportunities in providing: shopping trips, rides to essential in-person tasks, “Phone Pals” to connect and encourage those experiencing isolation, and cheerful art from our children. This art will be distributed or displayed after the appropriate incubation period to those who would benefit.

Those who would like to request any of the aforementioned services should call the community organization with whom they are most familiar:

• Elder Services (978-664-5600)

• North Reading Food Pantry (978-276-0040)

• Veterans’ Affairs (978-664-6011)

• Youth Services (978-357-5281)

• Point person Cathy O’Connell from North Reading Public Schools (978-664-7806 X 5275)

or our local churches:

• Aldersgate (978-790-6492)

• Messiah Lutheran (781-334-4111)

• International Family Church (978-276-6400)

• St. Theresa’s Catholic Church (978-664-3412)

• Trinity Evangelical Church (978-664-2416)

• Union Congregational Church (978-664-3703)

Please leave voicemail if necessary. These groups will speak to each one in need, determine assistance, assess for priority, and relay them to the volunteer coordination team of “In This Together 01864.”

Those who would like to volunteer in any capacity should go to our website (http://bitly.ws/83Jj) and complete the “Volunteer Sign-Up” form. Our Facebook Group, In This Together 01864, will provide regular updates about the status of the mobilization effort. Alternatively, individuals can email inthistogether01864@gmail.com to request the volunteer form.

“The team is holding high the core values of helpfulness, flexibility and trust as we walk into these new times. Truly we need each other more than ever before. We are in this together,” Rev. Fisher said.

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