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WAKEFIELD — The Town Council voted this week to make resident parking stickers available to those who live on certain residential streets that have two-hour parking limits. The streets are in the areas of the North Avenue and Greenwood train stations. Despite the posted time limits, rail commuters seeking to avoid paying for parking have parked all day on those streets.

But with stepped up parking enforcement, residents of those streets have complained that now they can be ticketed for parking in front of their own homes and that visitors and home health aides are also subject to ticketing.

Police Lt. Joseph Anderson, chairman of the Traffic Advisory Committee, told the Town Council this week that based on a great deal of public input from the affected neighborhoods, the TAC recommended approval of the following streets for residential parking permits: Pitman Avenue; Cedar Street from Chestnut Street to Gould Street; Murray Street; Oak Street to Greenwood Avenue; Chestnut Street from North Avenue to Cedar Street; Gould Street from Albion Street to Cedar Street; Greenwood Avenue; and Emerson Street from Gould to Chestnut Street.

It was noted that the two-hour parking limits will remain in place, but residents with stickers would be able to park for an unlimited amount of time on their own streets. Residents would have the option of parking their own cars on the street and letting visitors use their driveways.

Several town councilors wanted to change or add streets to the list of those that will be allowed the resident passes and it was suggested that the matter be tabled pending modification or expansion of the list.

But Anderson said that there was a real need for residential permits in areas affected by commuter parking and ultimately the Town Council approved the list as presented. Anderson agreed to bring to the TAC a list of other streets in areas affected by commuter parking to be considered for resident parking permits.

Anderson told the Town Council that the TAC has also discussed parking in front of the new development at 642 Main St. in the Junction. Current signage that reads “No Parking” was deemed to be unclear since the area was redeveloped. The TAC recommended that a “No Parking Here to Corner” sign be installed 10 feet south of the fire hydrant with an arrow pointing north toward Dunkin’ Donuts and Nahant Street.

The TAC also recommends the one parking space available prior to the new sign be painted to make it clear that only one vehicle has room to park in that space. This will eliminate confusion and keep the fire hydrant and driveway to Dunkin’ Donuts clear.

This also led to a lengthy Town Council discussion as to whether this single parking space should have a two-hour limit. That led to a further discussion of whether spaces farther south on Main Street should also be posted with two-hour time limits.

Anderson agreed to bring those issues back to the TAC for a recommendation. The Town Council voted to approve the “No Parking Here to Corner” sign and to stripe the one parking space.

Finally, Anderson reported that the TAC had received a request from Melrose DPW Director Rick Stinson and Melrose City Engineer Elena Ellis for a “Stop” sign at the intersection of Hawes Avenue in Wakefield and Hawley Road in Melrose. The intersection is shared by both communities.

The Town Council approved the “Stop” sign request.

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