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WAKEFIELD — The body formerly known as the Board of Selectmen met last night for the very first time since it was renamed “Town Council.” The main business on the agenda was appointments to various committees.

But first, Peter May made a bit of local history when he was unanimously chosen by his fellow members as the first chairman of the Town Council. Tony Longo was elected vice chairman, also unanimously.

The first committee appointment was to fill a vacancy on the Advisory Board of Public Works. Christopher Tarr of Jackson Lane and Elena Proakis Ellis applied for the slot. Members of the Town Council noted that both candidates were exceptionally qualified.

A Wakefield native, Tarr has worked in construction and related industries since 2010. Ellis is currently the City Engineer in Melrose and has worked as an engineer for the Concord, Mass. Public Works Department.

Councilor Mehreen Butt said that since it has always been men only on the Advisory Board of Public Works, she favored appointing a woman. But it was pointed out that there is currently a woman and a man on the three-member board, with one vacancy.

After some discussion, Tarr got the nod for the Advisory Public Works post. He will serve a three-year term.

Four candidates applied for appointment to the Albion Cultural Exchange Committee. There was no limit on the number of candidates that could be appointed, but Councilor Edward Dombroski noted that one applicant had failed to provide the requested resume.

Dombroski reminded his fellow members that after extensive discussion at an earlier meeting, they had made it clear that they expected applicants for committee appointments to provide resumes as well as a letter. He said that he did not think that someone who did not comply with that process should be appointed. Other members of the Town Council agreed but suggested that going forward either a resume or a detailed letter of interest describing qualifications (or both) should be acceptable.

Appointed to the Albion Cultural Exchange were Doug Henning, Kathleen Frey and Christopher Carino.

Two candidates applied for appointment for one opening on the Council on Aging, Maureen Hickey and Leonard Malvone.

Hickey has worked as Executive Director for Wilmington Housing Authority and the Nahant Housing Authority. She has also worked for greater Lynn Senior Services.

Malvone has worked as a trauma nurse and in the medical technology field with a specialty in microbiology.

Town Councilor Paul DiNocco said that he favored Malvone, as the Council on Aging currently has only female members.

Town Council appointed Malvone to a three-year term on the Council on Aging.

James Byrnes was appointed to the position of Fence Viewer.

Six candidates applied for four positions on the Permanent Building Committee. Again, it was noted that one applicant did not provide a resume.

The Town Council appointed Janine Fabiano to one of the positions as a full member (she had been an associate member). Three other current members were re-appointed to new three-year terms on the Permanent Building Committee: Jerry Hammersley, Jason Cohen and Christopher Callanan. The appointments were for three-year terms.

The Town Council also authorized Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio to advertise again for applicants to serve on the Conservation Commission and the Cultural Council as well as for alternate members on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Permanent Building Committee.

The Town Council said that they would like to have attendance records to refer to for each committee when making future appointments. Dombroski also suggested assigning a member of the Town Council to be a liaison to each to each appointed committee.

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